My Roots

In the future I will make my family tree here and give the story of my life

(this page will never be finnished I supose)



In the beutiful countryside of Scania I have my roots. Just a little northwest from the "RingSjön" at the farmershouse called  "Karlsro" - Tockarp - Hallaröd. My mother was born here in the year of 1924. My grandmother Alma was born nearby, a place called "Ugleskri" - Munkarp in the year of 1888 where her mother Johanna and father Lars lived. My first summers, until I was seven years I used to spent with my grandmother and grandfather.

All of the family-members used to go to Karlsro in the christmas and new year time. Today, not many are left in this area of Sweden, most elder are dead and gone long time ago. I do have all my cousines alive  but since as time goes by, we only meet when somebody relative dies...



Download a screensaver by clicking the pics A day in July 2005 On my Harley
Not many people left in Tockarp-Hallaröd-Munkarp, as you can see on the screensaver I made. Most people was farmers in old times and of course there was a blacksmith, priest and some others. They lived a peacefuly and harmful until one day when the Swedish army came. Only some century ago and made Scania as a part of Sweden. This was a crule time in the  history of Scania. Still today Swedish goverment covers up what realy happened in Scania. The democratic Sweden are dead conserningabout Scania and the people in this area. They never had the freedom to choose to become an inhabitant of Sweden. Even the language was completly destroyed. In school today NO children learns the history of Scania becouse it would harm the good international reputation of Sweden.

When I look in the future Scania will be Danish again becouse of the bridge. Nobody can do anything about it. OK, political and on maps Scania will still remain as a part of Sweden but the people who will live here in the furure will be Danish. It is a moving world. But Scania never have had the freedom to choose. Scania was mabe the best part of Sweden and Denmark to grow corn...

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