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Made just after I bought a macro lens to my Nikon D70  
A bumble bee on a flower. I guees would make more sounds than a Harley would  if they were in the same size.


From my first... riding down the memorylane



Vespa SS 150cc 1965

My first: one. Just after having the drivinglicens I bought this scooter. It wasn't exactly a "Captain America" but anyway it had two wheels and it was mine.



Jawa California 250cc?


My first real bike. It was truly beutiful. California model had a lots of chrome. Mabe it was 350cc I don't remeber.




Honda 350cc 1973


Very special bike it had 4-cyliders and only 350cc only made 1973.. This bike came a seconde time back to me in 198? It was homepainted in red and the sadle was in real natural leather.



Vespa Piago 125cc196?7

pic not found yet



BMW R75/5 750cc 1974

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This was my first big bike. It was blue and had a lots of accessories. I still miss it!



Yamaha RD 250cc

pic not found yet

A fast two-stroke bike. These bikes are made for competitons not for the public way



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Vespa Rally


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Yamaha RD 350 cc


Honda 350cc 1973


Returned to me with 5 owners between but it was in very bad condition this seconde time. I sold it just after a cople of weeks. It was rusty and leaking and the paint looked awfule. Should have keept this bike first time and never sold it away..



pic not found yet

BMW R75/6 750cc "Policebike" 1976?

198? -1993


Harley Davidson Sportster XLCH 1000cc 1970 (engine from 1982)

 My son on fathers bike. I can never sell this bike it was my first Harley.Today this bike are rebuilt with a new used frame.and looks more like an old sportster than a chopper.



Harley Davidson Sportster XLH 883cc 1987

This bike I probobly miss the rest of my life. It gave me a lots of joy.This bike I had to buy when I was rebuilding my first sportster..



Harley Davidson Night Train FXSTBi 1450cc 2004

First "new" bike I ever had own. I love the black colore, so this is the bike for me.

Why I bought a new one?

I don't no. Probobly the only new bike I ever own! I have put on sadlebags and change the sadle,  mufflers, airintake, front wheel and then lowered the bike and mounted chipset for the fjuel injection.



Harley Davidson FLHTC Electra Glide Classic 1340cc 1985

My last:one. The first thing I did was to mount a Mikuni HSR 42 The bike's reaction was like a young teenager it was not 20 year old anymore...



That´s all folks...

But more will come!