The meeting with my Thailand as I wanted it

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Yui a farmer lady, came to meet me at the Bangkok airport


Yui took me to her family at the countryside outside Kohrat


I am white and come from Europe, I am a Farang

But Yui say I am Puchong and not a Farang


Yui's grandmother, she believe she die before I return to Thailand but I believe she will stay alive


Grandmother a genuine Farmer lady, I wish I could speak her language


Yui's grandmothers sister, to the right, examined my body and healed my leg, I got a real healing massage


Inside Grandmothers wooded house, very beautiful, clean and nice


Inside the cheast Yui's friend, a beatiful woman at the age of 30 year, died in the heat


The ship navigate to the next beach


Loland's Hotel

A palace, the manager Roland has built this hotel, between rice field and forest, not very far from Kohrat


Roland, a happy Swedish guy, drinking beer and playing pool all a long the days

He is an experience to meet, speak many language and can give good advices


Sunrise over the rice fields and palmtrees, I supose this is the paradise, where it all began


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